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Filter string representation (Was: commit: ldap/servers/slapd syncrepl.c)

> Log Message:
> fix filter generation (back-ldap uses string form)

On a related note, we keep converting filters from the exploded to the
string form.  Most of the backends, and the frontend, only need it in
exploded form; the string form is only used for logging and by the proxy
backends.  What about providing the filter in one form only, generating
the other only if and when required, and destroying both at the end?  In
this case, a bdb database with logging off would save a few cycles; on the
converse, internal ops could be only written in string form, which is
developer friendly, and if the op is handled by a proxy there would be
(almost) no need to explode it.  I'm not going to change this now, because
savings would likely be very limited, but in case...


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