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Re: replication factored out of slapd

> so it's pretty much unfriendly: consumer info is now in a child of the
> global overlay and nothing about that appears any longer in the
> database; I'd really love to have the global "consumer" overlay append
> its children below the appropriate database, but I don't know how to do
> it (I don't think it's possible within the current framework, because
> when the global overlay is processed the database entries do not exist;
> but I'd love to be contradicted).

In back-monitor, I added the capability to register in a "limbo"
operations like entry modification/creation that occur respectively when
the target or the parent do not yet exist; as soon as they appear, the
modification is replayed.  Another approach would have been to create
"glue" entries, but I think it was not worth the effort in that case.
What about something like this?


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