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Re: no more direct support ACIs?

On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 17:54 +0100, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> I support moving ACIs into a module.  ACIs have always
> been experimental and experimental code is always better
> placed outside of the mainstream code.

The next point is: where?  The "right" location would be in
contrib/slapd-modules/acl/, but this would mean no more --enable-aci in
configure and pain for people that are using them and want to keep using
them seamlessly.

I suggest servers/slapd/modules/ or, much like for overlays,
servers/slapd/acl/, although I don't see a broad need for many
"official" custom dynacl modules.  Otherwise, just leave
servers/slapd/aci.c where it is, and build the module in servers/slapd/,
to mark that ACIs are a special component that is strictly bound to


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