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Re: (ITS#4238) refreshAndPersist & filter

ak2@smr.ru wrote:
Another strange issue is that error message "slap_global_control:
unavailable control:" still occurs in log even when
everything seems to work fine (with refreshOnle type or "(objectClass=*)" filter)

And slapd does not mention '' as a supported

# ldapsearch -h localhost:9011 -b "" -x -s base +
-D"cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com" -w secret | grep -F ''

Yet it is stated in the draft-zeilenga-ldup-sync-06.txt :

To allow clients to discover support for this operation, servers
  implementing this operation SHOULD publish the as a value of 'supportedControl' attribute
  [RFC2252] of the root DSA-specific entry (DSE).  A server MAY choose
  to advertise this extension only when the client is authorized to use

Please let me know if any more delailed info is needed.

Currently the control is registered with the SLAP_CONTROL_HIDE flag so it is not advertised in the rootDSE. OK to remove the HIDE flag and advertise the control?

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