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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Berkeley DB 4.4.16 (fwd)

Here's the BDB 4.4 release announcement... I have some questions about this & OpenLDAP inline.

Gregory Burd <gburd@sleepycat.com> writes:

Sleepycat Software is pleased to announce:
        Berkeley DB 4.4.16

The Berkeley DB 4.4 release introduces a number of important new features
in three major functional areas.
    The first area is in limiting when database environment recovery needs
    to be performed.  The Berkeley DB 4.4 release introduces the ability
    to abort transactions and release locks held by processes that have
    failed, without exiting the database environment and performing
    recovery.  In addition, the 4.4 release also introduces the ability to
    serialize the database environment creation process, performing
    recovery automatically as necessary.  This feature can significantly
    simplify the architecture of applications comprised of multiple
    concurrent processes.

Since BDB now does auto-recover, is alock going to cause conflicts?

    The second area is database compaction.  The Berkeley DB 4.4 release
    introduces the ability to compact databases, optionally returning
    space to the underlying filesystem.  Database compaction does not
    require the database be quiescent, and can be performed concurrently
    with other database access.

  7. Online Btree compaction (index optimization)
  8. Online Btree disk space reclamation

I think database compaction sounds amazingly useful, especially if someone performs many deletes. There has already been one issue raised on the -software list of a user who did a large scale delete, and had performance plummet. Since this can be performed concurrently, perhaps an option in slapd to schedule compaction? (I'd probably run mine monthly or something. :P ).


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