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Re: ITS#3985 test039 hangs on Windows

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
> What about the case where ldap_result(3) is called for any and
> all?  The message chained returned could contain responses
> from multiple requests.

ldap_result() should return responses to one specific request.
ldap_result(,msgid=LDAP_RES_ANY,,) may pick any outstanding request to
be the one.

ldap_result(,,LDAP_MSG_ALL,) should return all responses to the chosen
request.  OTOH, ldap_result(,,LDAP_MSG_ONE,) should only return one of
its responses.

Also ldap_result(,,LDAP_MSG_RECEIVED,) should only return the chosen
request's responses that have been received so far, but does not seem to
be implemented.