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Re: Updating the test suite (Was: commit: ldap/tests run.in)

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Hallvard B Furuseth writes:
I'm not certain how I feel about my own suggestion here, but:

Each test could give each program invocation a name which is unique for
the test.

Always invoke programs with a function Invoke():

Invoke NAME [--bg 'description' | --retcode] command arg...

Ouch - I forgot about >redirection, |pipes and `backtick commands`. I wonder if there are shells where function <foo >bar runs the function in subprocess, like I've seen some portable shell programming doc say that for i ... ; done <foo >bar does. If so we' have to write Invoke ... --io '< foo >bar' command ... at least for background processes, so $! will be correct. Not pretty.

I think we should leave this area aside for now...

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