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Backend meta with a Netscape DS bug ?

  Hello all,

I recently configure a openldap 2.3.7 with a bdb and a meta backend.
The meta backend is subordinate to the bdb backend, like this :

     database meta
     rootdn "cn=manager,o=dhcp,c=fr"
     suffix "ou=machines,ou=paris,o=dhcp,c=fr"
     uri "ldap://,ou=paris,o=dhcp,c=fr";
     acl-authcDN "cn=dhcpmanager,ou=paris,o=dhcp,c=fr"
     acl-passwd "secret"
     pseudorootdn "cn=dhcpmanager,ou=paris,o=dhcp,c=fr"
     pseudorootpw "secret"

     database        bdb
     suffix          "o=dhcp,c=fr"
     rootdn          "o=dhcp,c=fr"
     rootpw          secret
     directory       /opt/openldap-2.3.7/var/openldap-data
     index   objectClass     eq

The remote server is a Netscape directory server 4.12 (quite very old, i know :)
and when search through the meta backend i have this error :

slapd: schema_init.c:2089: IA5StringNormalize: Assertion
`!((val)->bv_len == 0)' failed.

Do you know why and perhaps, do you know how to solve it ?

PS: I tried this crappy patch in schema_init.c but it do not solve my problem :

+   if BER_BVISEMPTY( val ) {
+      int size = 5;
+      val->bv_val = malloc(size);
+      val->bv_val = strncpy(val->bv_val, "empty", size);
+      val->bv_len = size;
+   }
-   assert( !BER_BVISEMPTY( val ) );