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Howard Chu wrote:

Aaron Richton wrote:

SLAPD_CONF_UNKNOWN_BAILOUT is wrapped in LDAP_DEVEL as of today. Any
opinions on how dangerous it may be, or if it might be mainstreamed in the
foreseeable future? (I just caught a config typo that's been around for
weeks, and it was rather annoying that religiously running "slaptest"
after every edit was useless because I don't run "slaptest -d 64".)

No opinions on the main question. But probably slaptest should enable the CONFIG debug level by default...

LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG logging may be very verbose and hide warnings like the ones slapd used to return when ignoring directives. I think slaptest should rather run by default at LDAP_DEBUG_NONE (2048) and warnings should be logged at LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, so that only warnings/errors show up. This might require quite a bit of rethinking the log level of messages returned during config parsing. On a partially related note, I see that there are still portions of code that use fprintf(stderr,...) instead of Debug(...) during config.


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