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Re: Revamping statslog (loglevel 256) output

I wrote:
>Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>>Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>>> - The "TLS established" log lines without "op=" in front need some
>>>   indentation, or to get hold of the StartTLS operation number even
>>>   though "TLS established" itself is not an LDAP operation.
>> Better have the "conn, op" prefix, to avoid concurrency
>> misunderstanding.  The o_log_prefix was essentially introduced to save
>> one field in the Debug macros and allow more expressive one-line logs.
> starttls_extop() does not negotiate TLS, it just sets a flag which tells
> connection_read() to negotiate TLS.  There is also no op to get at after
> ACCEPT to an ldaps:/// listener.  So as far as slapd is concerned, TLS
> negotiation is not related to any particular op.

Lacking better ideas I changed it to log "conn=... fd=..." so it matches
other statslog output better: Always one <something>=<num> after conn=...