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Some sort of method to make adding local overlays easier would be nice. We
compile overlays static, so adding local_overlay.c means hacking
portable.h to define SLAPD_OVER_LOCAL (admittedly unnecessary for
something that I know will always be static, but we try to be consistent
with the others) and overlays.c to include the _init function. I'm not
sure if there'd be some acceptable way of grokking multiple "slapo-"
directories/assuming anything in "overlays" needs these entries/etc., but
it would be nice if autoconf was brilliant enough that one could cp
local_overlay.[ch] slapd/overlays, re-run configure, and have these things
figured out. (If the price of this is including some @@UGLY_AUTOCONF@@ or
something in my overlay, that's OK.)

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Howard Chu wrote:

> How about splitting the backend and overlay selection into a
> slapd-specific configure script, so we can alter these choices without
> forcing a full rebuild of the rest of the tree? Not entirely sure it's
> worth the effort, just an idea...