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Re: 2.3.6 release planned, please test OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_3

At 10:25 PM 8/18/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>I am presently preparing 2.3.6 for release later this
>>week.  Please test OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_3 and report issues using the tracking system. It's my hope
>>that this release will be suitable for "stable" marking.
>FWIW, both HEAD (#define LDAP_DEVEL) and re23 (#undef LDAP_DEVEL) are passing all my tests.  I might have few more little tweaks, but nothing significant nor critical is in sight.  Relevant ITSes (ITS#3942,ITS#3943,ITS#3944.ITS#3951) seem to work fine.  The latter needs be merged yet, apparently.  I'll be further stress testing this weekend.

I'll be syncing re23 with HEAD tomorrow (Friday PDT).  If there
are things to leave out, best to put them behind LDAP_DEVEL...