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Re: No-Op control?

At 12:52 AM 8/18/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>What happened to the No-Op control?  There is no draft in doc/drafts/ (the current version seems to be about to expire); OTOH the OID repository marks it as DEFUNCT in the experimental arc, pointing to an entry in the release arc, but in include/ldap.h it still uses the experimental OID.

noop-06, which I just added to doc/drafts, is basically ready
to be submitted to the IESG for consideration as a Proposed
Standard.  The draft requests IANA assign a new OID to
identify the control, which will replace the experimental
OID now in use.  The OpenLDAP "release" OID won't be used.
I've updated the OID registry accordingly.

-- Kurt