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Re: (ITS#3951) send_search_entry() issue when determining whether an attribute is to be returned or not

ando@sys-net.it wrote:

I bumped into this issue when trying to proxy data thta is not in the proxy's
schema, but I believe it's a general issue (although of limited scope).

How to reproduce:
- set up a remote server
- set up a proxy whose schema is a subset of that of the remote server
- run a search that returns an entry containing attributes not defined on the

if the search doesn't specify any attribute list, those attributes don't show up
in the result. This is correct (althoug I'd prefer to revert it) because those
attributes get marked as "undefined", whose usage is dsaOperation.

In fact, for the exclusive use of the proxy, I'd prefer that those attributes do show up in search entries. Comments? Suggestions on how to proceed?


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