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Re: Glibc regex concurrency issues (Was: (ITS#3932) regex/librewrite concurrency issue

> I'll give it a spin.  In this case, I need to backout the fix to ITS#3932
> that unfortunately made it into 2.2.28 and 2.3.5.  No problem, I've plenty

1. Is it considered harmful to tweak rewrite-int.h and #undef
USE_REWRITE_LDAP_PVT_THREADS on a 2.3.5 tree? (I run Solaris,
-D_REENTRANT, and for right or wrong, believe Sun's claim to have MT-Safe
regex under those conditions.) Is that a comprehensive
compile-time 'backout' to ITS#3932 fix?

2. I think a vendor-supplied library is likely to perform better on their
given architecture than some of the off-the-shelf implementations.
(Hopefully, that's part of what we pay them for?) So if there is an
inclusion of, say, Henry Spencer regex, I'd like that to be conditional.
I'll leave that purposefully vague--my favorite way would be a "known bad"
list, but unless that's upstream autoconf code, that could be a nightmare.