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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd main.c (init schema early)

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
 I wrote:
>> main.c  1.208 -> 1.209 ITS#3917 init schema before parsing args
> Now slapd uses mutexes before calling ldap_pvt_thread_initialize().

 Heh.  The slap tools do that anyway, since they never call that
 function.  Which may mean it's harmless with the thread
 implementations OpenLDAP supports,

Right. ldap_pvt_thread_initialize just calls ldap_int_thread_initialize which is a no-op on the majority of implementations (except pth). It then inits the thread pool (which is not used in tool mode). At any rate, ldap_pvt_thread_initialize appears to be devoted to the required setup for actually spawning threads, and doesn't have any effect on setting up mutexes or any other locking primitives. Which makes sense; if any of those primitives needed elaborate setup they wouldn't really be "primitives" would they...

 but in any case - is there any reason not to always call
 ldap_pvt_thread_initialize() early, maybe just before main() checks
 if argv[0] is a tool name?

I guess there's no harm in doing it. There's probably more in slapcommon.c that we should factor out as well.

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