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Re: ITS#3900 olcDefaultSearchBase: value #0: <olcDefaultSearchBase> invalid DN

Samuel Tran wrote:

> In this instance we may be able to do something simpler, and only
> move the olcDefaultSearchBase attribute out of the olcGlobal
> object, as it appears to be the only thing in olcGlobal that
> depends on runtime-loaded schema. Moving it to the frontendDB
> object may be the most convenient solution.


Will there be a patch to fix this issue in 2.3.5?

The patch in CVS HEAD moves this attribute to the frontendDB object. I don't see any reason for the patch not to appear in 2.3.5. Look for ITS#3900 in the list of Changes when 2.3.5 is released, to verify.

 How soon you think
 2.3.5 will be released?

I have no idea. It was primed to go a few weeks ago, and then a slew of bug reports and patches came in, so I think it will take some time to integrate all of the new patches into the Release branch.
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