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Re: entryUUID

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

We can certainly use internally either a CSN or a timestamp
which has sufficient resolution such that no two changes ever
have the same stamp, but we'll always have the issue that
the party were LDAPsync'ing with uses the other, or something
else. So, we need to support conversion as well, or something

My opinion is that syncrepl right now is just fine as it is; it allows very flexible
and reliable replication within OpenLDAP software. However, its requirements
(support for a specific control; constraints on specific operational attributes)
make it unlikely that other vendors implement it in a way that's totally compatible
with OpenLDAP. In the meanwhile I see room for many applications where
a third-party system will be the producer, and a set of OpenLDAP consumers
may be advisable. Haing said this, I don't think the consumer itself should take
care of using any kind of (universally) unique id and any type of sequence
number; I'd let it work with entryUUID and entryCSN, I'd just make it believe
the producer is speaking the same language.


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