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Re: entryUUID

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
 At 09:59 AM 6/14/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> I want to use syncrepl to easily build a "master" consumer out of
> third party DSAs that don't support all stuff required by syncrepl,

Hmmm.... not sure exactly what your trying to do.

 I'd like slapd(8) to be slave off of anything.  If LDAPsync is not
 available on the provider, I'd like syncrepl to use whatever is, even
 if that means using basic LDAP operations.

 When syncrepl uses say basic LDAP operations, saying a timestamp
 based approach, then one can create entryUUIDs and entryCSNs as
 needed.  The former can be arbitrary (if this slave maintains a copy,
 or create_from_name otherwise (maybe with DN+createTimestamp)). The
 latter can be produced from the timestamp (which, depending how one
 designs the mechanism, should be enough).

Given the way syncrepl works now, I think we should back away from the CSN requirement in our implementation and only use timestamps. If we assume the use of timestamps with fractional seconds, so that stamp resolution is always fine enough to distinguish between individual operations, then there's nothing useful to us in the other fields of the CSN anyway. Ultimately our use of CSNs has only served to make OpenLDAP release 2.2 and newer more incompatible with 2.1 and older, and other vendors, with no appreciable benefit in exchange.

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