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Re: libldap and _r-functions

>Yes, this is what Symas does in our CNS packages; it's the only approach 
>that works reliably on Solaris which has otherwise unavoidable conflicts 
>with the Sun native LDAP libraries. Strangely enough, while we've been 
>doing our Solaris builds this way for a couple of years, we never ran 
>into issues on Linux.

If you use the system-provided library in the first place (which is
likely to be OpenLDAP on Linux), then you are likely to run into
less issues. But of course it's still possible. I expect that some
applications (FireFox?) use the Mozilla SDK.

>Chicken and egg. You need some form of library to talk to the NSS server 
>then. nscd is actually a good thing here, but unfortunately it is 
>bypassed by some of the NSS calls.

Right, but it would be easier to not export the symbols from the NSS
client library, because the code would likely be in nss_ldap itself.

-- Luke