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update of Perl-Back

Dear All,

some time I am playing around with the perl backend. My goal is to arrive at a framework which is immediately to use for the begginer.
I get working a very "primitive" version of it. This version trasmits the numeric session id to the perl objects. Such now you can use sessions.
It is, however,  a little bit limited inasmuch it does not use threading in the Perl part of the whole thing.
The perl part illustrates how to use the file system to store the data. ( it is very, but very basic, logging and error handling has to be added ..... ). But I think this is OK for one who starts using the perl backend. You have only to write perl functions similar to the existing ones in order to let the back-end do other ( more useful ) things.

Now my question: I cannot use CVS to upload this version, since I am behind a firewall and did not get working the whole thing. How should I proceed in order that others can play with my version ? Should I send an *.tgz file attached to the e-mail ?
( now I have ready the bind,unbind, add and delete operations, today I will implement search and modify ).