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Re: removing global_schemacheck and SLAPD_LASTMOD flags

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

About global_schemacheck, the only niche application I remember so far is in back-sql, and I've never needed to disable checks, although I know some users still enjoy working with non-schema compliant entries. I think here the very same considerations of partial replication could apply, if required.

Not sure which LASTMOD flag you're referring to, or what the problem there is.


In this case, as far as I remember, the only case in which this is off by default (I guess that's likely the only reason the flag and the macro were introduced) is that in back-ldap/meta LASTMOD is off by default, so that in case of modifications they don't get propagated. I guess we better find another way to select what attributes and when strim them off (remap?).


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