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Re: removing global_schemacheck and SLAPD_LASTMOD flags

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

These flags should always be TRUE.  If FALSE, slapd(8)
will likely not behave correctly (especially in the
case of global_schemacheck).

I am about to add some manage DIT capabilities and
rather not have to deal with the possibility that
these flags are FALSE.  Hence, I propose axing
these flags.  Comments?

I agree with global_schemacheck. Not sure which LASTMOD flag you're referring to, or what the problem there is.

re: schema checking, we currently disable it on backends for sparse replication reasons (proxycache, syncrepl). I think we could make this a little more granular; probably if we only skip the test for required attributes (to allow sparse/partial entries) everything else would still work.

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