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2.3 config documentation

Wondering how best to go about documenting the new config system. Since the old format is still fully supported, all of that material should be kept. Writing completely new material would be extremely redundant. Interspersing old and new would make it difficult to read.

At present I'm leaning toward writing completely new material, copied liberally from the existing docs, and living with the redundancy. I.e., it would probably be best if the new material stands on its own, rather than constantly referring back to the old. We can move the old Admin Guide chapters to an Appendix. For the section 5 man pages, there's more to decide. slapd.conf(5) can be superseded by slapd.d(5) but all of the subsections that got pulled out on their own will need to be revamped. I'd rather not have to rename them all, and I'd rather not eliminate the old docs. An approach here may be to write the new material at the front of each man page and move the old material to the end of each file.

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