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back-config, overlays

It looks like all of the necessary back-config infrastructure is now working. I've converted the Syncrepl Provider and ProxyCache overlays to the table-driven config and the standard tests still pass, so nothing has broken at least. It should be pretty straightforward to convert all of the remaining backends and overlays using back-ldif/back-bdb and these two overlays as models. The ProxyCache code is particularly instructive as it shows how to use the hooks to add an arbitrary entry underneath the overlay entry (in this case, for carrying the configuration of the cache database). If anyone feels like getting their hands dirty, this would be a good opportunity to jump in and help out with the remaining conversions. I suggest you respond here with the particular backends/overlays you want to work on, so we can coordinate the work and OID allocation. Also it'd be good to get more eyes reviewing the code and asking questions about whatever is unclear. We can turn whatever comes up into FAQ material etc...

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