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Re: Some interesting thoughts

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

I've been having a discussion in #ldap with a Netscape user, and they have a few things in Netscape features that make them prefer it over OpenLDAP.

1) Database backups as part of a scheduled job. It creates a backup of the *.bdb files in a dated directory in the specified location. Given the changes today to HEAD to allow architecture & release independence of DB creation, this should be a snap, now that we have a job scheduler.

Backing up the raw *.bdb files is still a tricky proposition, and it has nothing to do with architecture/release dependencies of the raw data. To guarantee a consistent snapshot you'd have to throttle all update activity, perform a checkpoint, copy the files, and then resume updates. So it's not a totally transparent operation. I suppose to avoid the lockdown you could perform the checkpoint, then copy the currently active log file(s), and then copy the *.bdb files to get something usable; it will require a db_recover if you ever need to reinstate the backup files but that's not too bad. If you can manage to copy all of the raw files before any new updates flush out of the BDB cache your snapshot would be self-consistent as well, but you can't rely on that.

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