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Re: replicated cn=config

> Quanah posed this question about how to set up a bunch of replica
> servers that all use configurations replicated from the master as well.
> It wasn't perfectly obvious at first, so I'm posting this note to
> suggest an approach and get some reactions. I haven't tested this yet.
> First of all, you cannot just replicate cn=config straight from a master
> to a slave server, because the slave will wind up with an identical copy
> of the master's configuration (and will then cease to be a slave). This
> means you must use some alternate tree, and map it into the slave's
> cn=config.
> So here's a possible approach - on the master
>     database ldif
>     directory /some/path
>     suffix cn=replica-config
> On each slave
>     database relay
>     suffix cn=replica-config
>     relay cn=config massage
> Then either slurpd or syncrepl can be used to keep the slaves'
> configurations up to date.

Looks a bit overkill, but since there shouldn't be much acivity on, it
should work.  With respect to Quanah's problem, I think the idea of a
centralized configuration system should include the possibility of
specific configuration bits that override generic ones.  Following your
approach, you could add a "translucent" overlay on top of the relay
database that mucks with specific data... of course that wouldn't be


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