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HEADS-UP: back-monitor

The internals of back-monitor are changing a bit; in detail, the ABI
that's currently available to register additional, specific attributes,
entries and callbacks, i.e.


is being refactored to gain in versatility, and all operation-related
internal calls and callbacks are receiving pointers to both the Operation
and the SlapReply structures, so that appropriate diagnostics can be
returned.  I'm planning to move, by means of this ABI, all backend,
database and overlay monitoring into the specific pieces of code, and to
ease their customization.  Shortly I'll commit the first round of this
refactoring, along with its application to back-ldap and back-meta.

No changes to the data represented in the current default tree structure
should change (if it does, it's an error); the only significant change I'm
foreseeing is the possibility to split the connection info into separate
attributes for the tokens of the long string that describes the (sometimes
obscure) connection parameters; e.g.:

    monitoredInfo: 1 : 3 : 2/1/0/1 : 2/2/0 : x : cn=Manager,c=US :
ldap://:9011 : unknown : IP= : IP= :
20050427130239Z : 0050427130239Z

should become

monitorConnectionNumber: 1
monitorConnectionProtocol: 3
monitorConnectionOpsReceived: 2
monitorConnectionOpsExecuting: 1
monitorConnectionOpsPending: 0
monitorConnectionOpsCompleted: 1
monitorConnectionGet: 2
monitorConnectionRead: 2
monitorConnectionWrite: 0
monitorConnectionMask: x         (can be: [r][w][x][p][{!|BCL}][S])
monitorConnectionAuthzDN: cn=Manager,c=US
monitorConnectionListenerURL: ldap://:9011
monitorConnectionPeerDomain: unknown      (in case "unknown", omit it)
monitorConnectionLocalAddress: IP=
monitorConnectionPeerAddress: IP=
monitorConnectionStartTime: 20050427130239Z
monitorConnectionActivityTime: 0050427130239Z


Pierangelo Masarati

    SysNet - via Dossi,8 27100 Pavia Tel: +390382573859 Fax: +390382476497