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testing of client error-handling by overlay

I'm designing (actually, it's done, being tested) an overlay that is intended to test the behavior of clients when returned an unexpected error result. "Unexpected" fo course means "not usually returned"; actually, I guess nobody ever checked how one's clients behave when they receive a LDAP_BUSY in the middle of a complicated sequence of operations... For this purpose I've designed an overlay that defines a branch of the underlying database, say "cn=Diagnostics" under "dc=example,dc=com". Operations directed to a child of that (non-existing) object are virtual objects that contain an error code and a(n optional) text part. When any of those are hit by an operation, i.e. when o_req_ndn matches any of these, the error code is returned, and the operation ends there. If it's a referral, the default_referral, or a specific referral value is added, otherwise the frontend barfs at 0x0a without any. If it's an extended operation, the send_result is delegated to the frontend. If one searches the "cn=Diagnostics" object with onelevel or subtree scope, a listing of all the available entries is sent. The entries are configured in slapd.conf in terms of RDN, error code and (optional) text message. Extensions will allow to limit the behavior to few selected operations and so. I was also considering the opportunity to allow addition on the fly of new virtual entries to allow the fast reconfiguration without restarting the server.



PS: I need an OID for the objectClass of the entries and two for the errCode and errText attributes. Since the errCode is actually the IANA assigned error number, I wonder if it's already defined anywhere.

Pierangelo Masarati

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