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Re: Query: Schema Inheritance

Deepti Singh writes:
> As we all know, multiple instances of an auxillary schema object can
> be inherited by a structural schema object.

I don't know that.  I know that an LDAP object can have a structural
object class and several auxiliary object classes, and that these can
share 'MAY'/'MUST' attributes.

> I want to ask for a mechanism
> through which the common attribute types of such instances can be
> distinguished from each other during LDAP modify operations.

If I understand you correctly, the LDAP data model does not support
this.  An attribute in an object does not "belong to" a particular
object class in the object.  Or if you prefer, if object classes "A" and
"B" in an object both say the object MUST/MAY contain attribute "foo",
then any "foo" attribute in the object "belongs" to both "A" and "B".

You could define an 'x-for-oc-' tagging attribute option and insert
  objectClass: A
  objectClass: B
  foo;x-for-oc-A: hi
  foo;x-for-oc-A: ho
  foo;x-for-oc-B: 11
  foo;x-for-oc-B: 22
Now a search for 'foo' will find both and a search for 'foo;x-for-oc-A'
will find only that.  However, your client would have to recognize
';x-for-oc-' attribute options and deal with them.