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At 05:50 AM 4/19/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I find the capability of testing abandon/cancel by means of ldapsearch
>quite useful and very little intrusive; so, as ldapsearch is a "toy"
>client, I suggest we enable it by default, possibly by means of a -k
>{abandon|cancel} switch.  Unfortunately both -k and -K are already in use
>by (deprecated) LDAPv2 kerberos options, and the only switch available to
>ldapsearch seems to be -r.

I would presume that it would be nice to extend this toy
to other LDAP commands, such as ldapmodify(1).   If so,
then it would be best to use an argument not used by
any LDAP command.

I'm thinking:
        -e abandon
        -e cancel

Or, if use of -e here is a stretch, then:
        -o abandon
        -o cancel

I rather not assign a single letter argument specifically
to abandon/cancel.  I rather use an extensible single
letter argument.