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Re: Moving backends to table-driven config...

>> I suggest:
>> - OLcfg -> (as of today)
>> - OLcfgAt -> OLcfg:3 (as of today)
>> - OLcfgOc -> OLcfg:4 (as of today)
>> - global stuff rooted at OLcfgAt:0 and OLcfgOc:0 (i.e., "olcAccess"
>> would be OLcfgAt:0.1 and so on)
>> - backend stuff could be rooted at OLcfgAt:1 and OLcfgOc:1
>> - common backend stuff could be rooted at OLcfgAt:1.0 and OLcfgOc:1.0
>> - each backend type could have an assigned branch for specific
>> configuration directives (e.g. back-bdb could get OLcfgAt:1.1 and
>> OLcfgOc:1.1, back-ldap could get OLcfgAt:1.2 and OLcfgOc:1.2 and so on)
>> - overlay stuff could be rooted at OLcfgAt:2 and OLcfgOc:2
>> - common overlay stuff could be rooted at OLcfgAt:2.0 and OLcfgOc:2.0
>> - each overlay could have an assigned branch for specific
>> configuration directives (e.g. glue could get OLcfgAt:2.1 and
>> OLcfgOc:2.1 and so on).
>> The only rationale behind this is that there would be a clear
>> separation between what is global, what is common to all backends and
>> what is specific to each backend; moreover, each backend would have an
>> OID assigned.  There are grey areas represented by commonality across
>> backend types (I'm thinking od back-bdb and back-ldbm, or back-ldap
>> and back-meta); in these cases, the common directives could go into
>> one of the backends and get shared by the others, or they could go
>> into the common backend-specific branch, or so.  In fact we already
>> have "generic" backend-specific directives that only apply to a subset
>> of backends: the "index" or even the "suffix" directive (back-monitor
>> and back-config do not allow suffix), so moving the "dbDirectory"
>> attributeType to the backend-generic branch sould not be an issue.
>> With respect to attribute/objectClass prefix, I suggest "olc*" for
>> common stuff; "olcDb" for backend-generic and "olcOv*" for
>> overlay-specific, so we save the "olc*" common prefix and add a level
>> of specialization.
>> If this sounds reasonable, I can start renaming schema objects.
> OK, go ahead.

I've applied something quite similar to the above rule; I've moved to the
olcDb* branch the common database statements; I've also put in the common
database branch those statements that are defined in back-bdb but may be
of use with other backends (index, directory, mode and so).

The recent change in duplicate attribute/objectclass will help debugging
the naming/oid assignment

Please report problems.


Pierangelo Masarati

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