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Moving backends to table-driven config...


I'd like to start moving back-ldap and maybe some other backend to table-driven configure, and there's a couple of issues I'd like to clarify before I start.

1) In back-bdb, you added a bdb_back_init_cf() function; I don't understand its need: in fact it's just called inside bdb_back_initialize(), so my guess is that you wanted to keep the bdbcfg structure static and confined in the config.c module. Is this correct?

2) What is the config schema numbering plan (if any)? I see that in bconfig.c you are using "OLcfgAt:<digit>", while in back-bdb you're using "OLcfgAt:1.<digit>", and in back-ldif you simply recycle the "dbDirectory" attribute of back-bdb. Should we use a different prefix for different backend types, e.g. a "OLcfgAt:2.<digit>" for back-ldap, recycling stuff in back-meta and so, to allow independent development with minimal conflict resolution? I also note that "OLcfgAt:1" right now is "olcAccess", while "OLcfgAt:1.1", i.e. "olcAccess.1" is "dbDirectory"...


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