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ppolicy and Access Control to operational Attributes


I had a look at the ppolicy-overlay (version from HEAD) and I am 
wondering now how access controls have to be setup in order to make it 
In order to allow a user to change his own password it seems that I need 
to give him "write" access to some of the operational Attributes that 
hold the Password Policy State (e.g. pwdChangedTime, pwdHistory and 
maybe some others). Otherwise I get "Insufficient access (50)" when the 
user tries to modify his "userPassword". But if I give him "write" 
access the user can just circumvent password policies be directly 
modifying e.g. "pwdChangedTime" without changing the password. 

Did I overlook something? Shouldn't these operational Attributes be 
flagged with "NO-USER-MODIFCATION" in the Schema? That seems at least 
to fix the above issue.

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