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Re: More granular privileges in ACLs (Was: (ITS#3625) [enhancement] per-operation ACLs)

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

Howard Chu wrote:

For the realdn, I'm currently assuming that the only place where identity may change is inside parseProxyAuthz(); I added a o_realndn field to the operation structure; this field is supposed to be BER_BVNULL unless proxyAuthz occurred; if it is NULL, the "realdn" clause, if present, is evaluated using the o_ndn field; if it is not null, it behaves as expected. Maybe, in case of SASL bind, we could store in o_ndn the constructed DN before authz via authz-regexp rules.

Does this really belong in op->o_realndn? Perhaps we should have it back in conn->c_dn.

You mean: directly use conn->c_dn instead of copying it in op->o_realndn?


As for storing the DN prior to authz-regexp, I'm inclined to disagree. The result of regexp mapping is still an authcDN, not an authzDN, and I'm not convinced that we need to refer back to the SASLDN after mapping has been done.


The patch looks good, but now I see that I was overlooking something. We don't preserve the authcDN if someone does a SASL Bind with proxy authorization. In that case we actually need to store both an authcDN and an authzDN in the Connection structure, if we really want to handle that case. Otherwise, what we have now should work for the proxyAuth control, which is good.

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