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DSMLv2, SPML & Other Web Services

I wanted to get some feedback on an idea.  I have been
looking at Novell's DSMLv2 implementation, OpenSPML
and OpenSAML.  They all seem to suffer from the
problem of lack of interoperability on the client side
and an in-ability to interact with other libraries. 
For instance, the SPML schema relys upon both DSMLv2
and SAML, yet OpenSPML does not rely on JLDAP or
OpenSAML from a code standpoint.  It performs all
serialization/deserialization on it's own.  It seems
to me that it would be beneficial to have a single
client library framework that allow for libraries to
be "assembled" to create an effective SOA client.  

JLDAP seems to have taken a step in the right
direction by making all the objects serializable to
XML, but I do not think this goes far enough.  I think
it would really help push IdM web services if someone
could re-use libraries and code and maintain a set of
libraries for all dialects of XML and WebServices.

Any thoughts?