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Re: Glueing to back-dnssrv in 2.2

> There's another problem: if a client tries to use a control supported by
> back-bdb, but not by back-dnssrv, then it fails with unavailable critical
> extension. Presumably this hasn't been noticed before as generally one
> glues like backends together.
> Sounds like backend_check_restrictions() needs to be made glue-aware?

I think it is in 2.3 (actually, the glue overlay is
backend_check_restrictions() aware, and there's a(n almost) general mech
to delegate controls checking to the appropriate subordinare/overlay.  I
don't think backporting to 2.2 is an option because, although not a big
dela, it impacts many portions of software, and may incur in heavy string
comparisons with current 2.2 implementation fo controls handling.  2.3 is
more efficient because controls checking is implemented in form of direct
access to the registered controls array.


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