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Re: Glueing to back-dnssrv in 2.2

[sorry for the empty reply earlier]
>>> I think the backport to 2.2, although not trivial, should be simple,
>>> because all you need to do is resolve the appropriate backend and call
>>> chk_referrals, if any.  If there's no consensus about officially
>>> backporting that feature, you'll have to live with a custom patch.
>>There you go:
> Thanks for the patch! Some comments:
>  - It appears to work for searches with an empty base DN, but fails
>    with noSuchObject if a base DN of a physical naming context is used.

I didn't check it enough, I guess; I couldn't get to configuring a DNS at
the moment, and I don't have any DNSSRV at hand (maybe I could use
OpenLDAP's as soon as I get on a faster connecton).

>  - Also, we would like some way to avoid databases glued to a database
> with
>    with the empty suffix from being removed from namingContexts in the
> root
>    DSE.

For that, you need to hack rootDSE info generation, which is
(correctly)designed to hide subordinte naming contexts; or (in HEAD/23)
you don't subordinate local naming contexts to the dnssrv, but rather
configure them as DNSSRV as well, and stack the chain overlay on top of
back-dnssrv; this way you have local naming contexts advertized and
directly accessed by direct searches, and __all__ DVSSRV, including local
ones, directly chased by the chain overlay.


Pierangelo Masarati

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