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Re: Glueing to back-dnssrv in 2.2

> (Note: this may not apply to 2.3, however we're not ready to use 2.3 yet
> because we need to ship "stable" code.)

HEAD doesn't work either because the glue overlay doesn't provied an
appropriate hook for check referrals, so dnssrv's one is called before
searching, which typically causes the operation to be captured by dnssrv. 
I guess the glue overlay should have a hook for this call, and use the
incoming DN to select the most appropriate subordinate database to serve
it or gently return SUCCESS like many other overlays do.  2.2 suffers from
the same problem, i.e. backglue doesn't add any check referral hook and
the one from dnssrv is used.  I think this is the direction you need to go
(and that would likely be an improvement for backglue and glue overlay as
a whole).  I like your idea of glueing the dnssrv.

> I'd like to glue N backends to back-dnssrv, such that the following will
> work:
> (a) searches within physical naming contexts
> (b) sub/one searches at root DSE (search all physical naming contexts)
> (c) searches outside physical naming contexts (return DNS SRV referrals)

Ciao, p.

Pierangelo Masarati

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