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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd backend.c compare.c

> Update of /repo/OpenLDAP/pkg/ldap/servers/slapd
> Modified Files:
> 	backend.c  1.305 -> 1.306
> 	compare.c  1.126 -> 1.127
> Log Message:
> move compare to frontend (disabled by default, only invoked if backend
> doesn't provide hook); honor ITS#3472 (disclose access check); fix
> ITS#3521 as well (check access to hasSubordinates); fix a problem in
> backend_attribute() with operational attrs; add backend_access() helper


I wonder if you could check the SLAPI portion of this commit; you should
simply review the code in backend.c for backend_access(), checking for
trivial errors; see function backend_compute_output_attr_access() for
details.  There's no way in current code to exploit that feature, because
backend_access() is only called to check access to the "entry"
pseudo-attribute, but there might be need in future development.

Cheers, p.

Pierangelo Masarati

    SysNet - via Dossi,8 27100 Pavia Tel: +390382573859 Fax: +390382476497