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Re: Run-time registered controls

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

I'm currently struggling to find out a reliable manner to determine, from
inside an overlay's bi_db_open(), if it is hooked on top of the frontendDB
or not. As a last resort, OR-ing a SLAP_DBFLAG_GLOBAL_OVERLAY should do
the trick,and the kludge can remain there a bit more.

Right now, I chose the latter solution which seems to work fine. Now you shoulw be able to remove the kludge. I would prefer to have it removed because I noted it also has an undesirable side effect: back-ldap and back-meta rpopagate controls to remote servers by passing op->o_ctrls (or some of them, plus dedicated ones) to the ldap_*_ext() functions. The kludge mucks with the ldctl_iscritical field, potentially changing the behavior of the remote server.


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