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chain overlay and chaining

The chain overlay still needs some cleanup; I erroneously made it chase __all__ referrals, if more than one is provided, while it should simply try until one can be chased. I have a patch that fixes this. Moreover, when chasing referrals within other oprations, only the first referral was tried. I've modified the overlay to try all until one succeeds, and modified test032 accordingly.

Finally, after having a look at <draft-sermersheim-ldap-chaining-02>, I note that the current implementation of the chain overlay corresponds to having both a resolveBehavior and a continuationBehavior of chainingPreferred, so it could be interesting to implement the chaining control to allow the other combinations. Unfortunately the draft has expired without being resubmitted <http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-sermersheim-ldap-chaining-03.txt>.



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