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Re: (ITS#3497) Enhancement: back-sql and non-leaf operations

At 12:41 PM 1/20/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I don't even see a clear specification for it...  Maybe we'd just define one of our own, and stick with it.

I have no problem with that... as long as we publish a protocol
specification to stick to.

>>>Subtree deletion would require to fetch all the children, check whether there's
>>>any referral among them (which would require manageDSAit for the entire
>>>operation?) and subsequent deletion.
>>I don't see this as something requiring manageDSAit (control
>>or permission).
>>I do see it requiring permission to delete each object in
>>the subtree.
>Of course I'd treat the operation as if it were split in the corresponding operations on each entry from that point of view.  If a referral is found, I'd reject the whole operation if manageDSAit is not set, otherwise I'd just perform it.

Reject, but with response control which contained a set of
     { referral object DN, referral URLs }
so that the client knows what to delete. 

Alternatively, return "delete continuations" (in an LDAP intermediate
response) for each deleted referral object.

I don't have a preference (yet).

-- Kurt