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Recent back-sql improvements toward 2.3

I've been working a bit on back-sql; there were some bugs, some misimplemented or missing features, and there have been some significant contributions that required some work to be merged. I want to summarize them, in a totally unsorted fashion.

1) I've added the capability to work as a syncrepl provider, in a very rough implementaton of the refreshOnly mode.
2) Now referrals are handled/returned consistently, i.e. one needs manageDSAit to update them, and matchedDN and referrals are always returned as appropriate (ITS#3489).
3) ACLs are always checked as appropriate; some checks were missing (ITS#3485).
4) I've added the possibility to add extra attributes in sladp.conf to searches, including those performed internally for other purposes, so that access checking based on target and user contents can occur consistently (ITS#3480).
5) I've added support for the "assert" control.
6) I've imported most of the improvements provided by Mark Adamson (ITS#3432); the remaining are under evaluation.
7) I've implemented the "disclose" access feature as requested in ITS#3472 and subsequent -devel discussion for all operations (requires #define SLAP_ACL_HONOR_DISCLOSE)
8) Now attribute values retrieved from the RDBMS are validated/prettified and normalized consistently.
9) the "noop" control is implemented as well; it's not enabled right now because I'm seeing some odd issues I haven't been able to track yet, but they might (they should) be related to the RDBMS I'm currently working with.

Other small bugs have been fixed in the meanwhile (e.g. ITS#3488), and various optimizations and other improvements have been applied; the man page has been reorganized, all config options are now present. I assume the current HEAD code will make it into 2.3, hopefully with the rest of ITS#3432 improvements. Of course I'd appreciate any feedback and testing. The might be backwards compatibility issues I'm overlooking.


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