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Re: BDB 4.3.21 DB_LOG_INMEMORY bug on Debian Woody [#11505] (fwd)

--On Wednesday, December 22, 2004 8:49 AM -0800 David Boreham <david_list@boreham.org> wrote:

I have to ask : what's the benefit of in-memory log files here ?
(as opposed to simply disabling transaction logging altogether).

There isn't one, but Sleepycat was so helpful as to remove the option to disable transaction logging altogether via the DB_CONFIG file like you could do in BDB 4.2. I've been asking them repeatedly to make this an option once again. IIRC, Howard did patch HEAD so that you can disable it from the OL side with fasttool. He also wrote a nifty patch to BDB 4.3 that makes it so you can have it behave like 4.2 did, but that of course is not supported and entirely experimental. ;)


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