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Re: Syncrepl and chain Overlay

On Saturday 11 December 2004 15:39, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> I'm about to commit a change that allows global overlays to handle
> writes (at least, modifies); for adds, I've currently added a hack in
> the chain overlay, but I expect to remove it quite soon. 

FYI, with that hack I just ran my test again. Now the chain overlay, if 
configured as global overlay, successfully also follows the 
updateref-referraly of a syncrepl consumer database as well. Thank you.

> My main 
> concerns are: some of the check/mod preparation is done way before it's
> sure it's required; for instance, if writing to a replica, the
> modifications are prepared way before finding out that they cannot be
> applied by a regular user.  This is wasting a few cycles, but I think it
> should be acceptable.  The other concern is that now SLAPI is being
> called __after__ these checks/preparation, not before.  This doesn't
> break the idea of SLAPI, but might break existing modules that work on
> stuff __before__ it's checked/prepared.  For instance, a SLAPI module
> that intercepts attributeTypes that comply with the protocol (otherwise
> they don't pass the ber decoding) but are not defined in schema, mapping
> them to existing ones would break, because now the schema enforcement
> occurs before SLAPI.  For this reason, I think we should anticipate
> SLAPI as well.