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Re: Syncrepl and chain Overlay

On Friday 10 December 2004 17:18, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> [moved from -software to -devel]
> > Anyway, I've removed all the syncrepl related stuff from my config and
> > inserted a normal referral into the database. With that the chain overlay
> > seems to work fine. So seems to be indeed some integration issue with
> > syncrepl.
> The chain overlay responds when the server is __returning__ a referral, so
> there shouldn't be any interaction with syncrepl. 

What I tried to achieve was to let the chain overlay chase the "updateref" 
referral that is returned by the syncrepl consumer when it receives write 
operations (a modify in my case). And this somehow does not work with the 
current code.
As I already wrote I think it's because when send_ldap_result() with the 
"updateref" referral is called from fe_op_modify() no response callback is 
registerd in op->callback. I just veryfied again by adding some printf 
debugging to the code.

> I suspect there might 
> be some if syncrepl registers any callback that by chance call the whole
> stack instead of directly the underlying database.
> In any case, what I note is that the syncrepl consumer (without chain),
> when it finds a reference in the subtree it's shadowing (at least in
> refreshOnly the first time it imports the provider) it (erroneously, I
> assume) chases it, so it ends up shadowing both providers (I'm playing
> with a scenario where two providers host two halves of a tree, with
> cross-referrals for the other half).
> I'll investigate this further.
> p.