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Re: commit: openldap-guide/admin syncrepl.sdf

hyc@OpenLDAP.org wrote:

Update of /repo/OpenLDAP/pkg/openldap-guide/admin

Modified Files:
	syncrepl.sdf  1.7 -> 1.8

Log Message:
Updates for syncprov overlay

OK, now that the session log is implemented in the overlay, I believe it completely supports all the features the back-bdb native syncrepl provider implemented.

All that remains is to sort out the promote/demote options of slapadd. As I mentioned elsewhere, the provider does not use a subentry to store its contextCSN any more, it just stores an operational attribute in the suffix entry. The attribute is maintained primarily in memory, the underlying database copy of the contextCSN does not get updated with every database modification.

When demoting a provider to a consumer, slapadd should simply take the maximum entryCSN and set it as the consumer's state. When promoting a consumer to a provider, for consistency slapadd should use the consumer's state as recorded in the consumer subentry to set the provider's state.

If the syncprov overlay is already configured/active on the consumer, then it will keep the database's contextCSN up to date anyway whenever the consumer updates its subentry. In this case, no explicit database change is necessary to promote the consumer to a provider.

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