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Re: How the backend knows it's being searched by syncprov?

Howard Chu wrote:

The entryCSN values are pretty much equivalent to modifyTimestamp. But how can you generate these values on the fly?

Currently back-sql doesn't save any modifyTimestamp (and it shouldn't because they're not guaranteed to be updated if data is modified via RDBMS). So, only when accessed by LDAPsync, I plan to set the entryCSN to a value that makes the synchronization occur, i.e. to make it match searches for entryCSN range as expected by the syncprov overlay. This implies that all entries are always seen as changed even if they're not, but this is the bottomline to allow syncrepl; I hope to work out better solutions in case a timestamp can be saved __AND__ kept up to date in the RDBMS, e.g. by stored procedures and triggers. I think for many installations the refreshOnly with all data being refreshed all times shouldn't be so bad, especially if the refresh interval is large enough (in many cases it could simply be overnight!).

I'm about to commit a couple of changes; you'll probably see them tomorrow.

Ciao, Ando.

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