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Re: How the backend knows it's being searched by syncprov?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

Howard Chu wrote:

If we really need global knowledge of this control we can put the #define's and such back into slap.h and controls.c.
#define o_sync_mode ...

would probably be the most useful.

I see another problem: this control is dynamically registered, so o_sync_mode could yield unexpected results if the control is not registered but its presence is tested by some pice of code.

Yes, we could move its initialization / parser back into slapd/controls.c if necessary.

I guess only statically (i.e. always) registered controls should make it into the slap_control_ids structure, or a tri-state mech (present/not present/undefined) should be used for testing, where "undefined" could return the same value as "not present" but without crashing! (e.g. all "undefined" cids could point to slot [0] of o_controls, which should be intentionally left NULL for undefined controls?)

That sounds like a good idea.

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